triple chocolate mousse cake, and we are snowed in today.

my snowman
“it’s March already and the snow likely will not pile up…”
what do i know? i’m just a silly agoraphobic chick. this is as far outside as i got, hovering near the cellar doorway with my camera, anxiously awaiting my #2son who gallantly went outside to try and shovel us out. all 20 inches !!! did we really get that much snow?
it was too deep, and he couldn’t even find the shovel, buried under all that.
never mind, it’ll all melt away this weekend. or not. 😆
triple chocolate mousse cake
if you’re ever in need of cheering up, or you’re snowed in and have some time on your hands, why not try this toothsome chocolate, no make that, triple! chocolate treat?
the last time i made anything triple chocolate was a cheesecake of dark, semi-sweet, and milk chocolate layers, years ago when blogging wasn’t in my life yet. i remember it was quite a lot of pots and pans involved but it was truly memorable. so when i saw this recipe from Cook’s Illustrated, i just had to try it again. guess what? still a lot of pots and pans, but well worth the effort.

first mousse over the cake base
bake the dark chocolate cake base, then smooth out the milk chocolate mousse over that.
smoothing out the mousse
triple choc. mousse cake
white chocolate mousse on top of all that, then chill,…then go over the top literally with chocolate shavings.