the very toothsomeness of you

fudgy cocoa cake
toothsome /ˈtuːθs(ə)m/

Definition of toothsome

1.(of food) temptingly tasty:a toothsome morsel
2. informal (of a person) good-looking; attractive: a toothsome bimbo I thought he was toothsome

noun: toothsomeness, adverb: toothsomely (from Oxford Dictionary).

i thought of this word instantly, as soon as i took a bite of this cake (recipe from King Arthur Flour, “fudge birthday cake”). i wanted to use Dutch-processed or alkalized cocoa because that is my preferred chocolate for cakes: deep, dark, lingering…the taste is almost like a feeling. ha, a chocolate feeling!? corny, but you’ll understand what i mean once you take a toothsome morsel of this.
moist and fudgy and toothsome cocoa cake, iced with dark chocolate ganache…

today was still a frosty day, we even saw some snowflakes walking out of the cinema at 6 p.m. (we watched “Jack the Giant Slayer”, me and #2son), and the James Taylor dude’s “Blossom” will make you really eager for spring, (and that’s the Carole King on the grand piano!).
seems my dreams have frozen
melt my cares away…