how i eat coffee

it’s snowing outside. but it’s Saturday so i decided to eat my coffee.
coffee jelly cream
am very suggestible: another idea from santos who recently posted a ravishing only-in-Manila Starbucks coffee item.
#1 son and i had some in the old Italian Village just off the Quezon Memorial Circle after it had morphed into a Bistro…more than a decade ago.
i saved the sliced peaches’ syrup (for #2 son’s cake filling) expressly for this. yes, the heavy syrup is perfect paired with hot strong coffee, agar agar powder and more sugar if you need it, for making a subtle mocha jelly. (i used 1:1 ratio for the syrup and coffee). chill until firm, cut into cubes and serve with cold coffee, a scoop of French Vanilla ice cream (or coffee ice cream, sure, why not!), and whipped cream.

2 thoughts on “how i eat coffee

  1. sha

    stel i just arrived this morning god am so cold its warmer in south of france and having withdrawals haha miss the baguettes the pan chocolat etc…coffee make me sick but i can tolerate greek rather turkish coffee and mocha….send me this stel….

  2. drstel

    :detective:can’t wait to hear about your latest adventures sha! keep warm…we had snow yesterday would you bilib???:melodramatic:

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