chicken delight

"chicken delight" from Asian Grandmothers cookbook
from The Asian Grandmothers’ Cookbook, Patricia Tanumihardja. (*what a happy surprise to find her blog!)
with a title like that? well you just have to purchase it, pronto. found in my favorite salvage shop, it lacked a dust jacket but i just couldn’t resist, and immediately i cooked “chicken delight” contributed by a Filipino lola (grandmother).

something about fried chicken that makes everyone happy, albeit it’s on the verboten side of my list now. my lola Ebeng used to make a simple but crunchy and tasty though sometimes dried up version of deep fried chicken, then she came up with an oven-fried chicken when she was living in upstate New York, and i was the only grandchild to cook for! heehee lucky me.

this version is truly delightful too, for crunchy and crispy on the outside and for juicy and moist inside, and for the flavorful punch of spices and for the loving memories of a jolly foodie lola.
the red hot sauce though is not lola-approved. 😉

i’ll share the recipe if anyone requests it! maybe later…