chicken and basil fried rice

our bodies are almost cold and numb now from the unforgiving winter (we all forgot how cold it normally is in Boston and vicinity). we do get a little reprieve and they’re calling it a non-snow weekend.
comfort food, hot and spicy, it is then.
this is one dish that all three kids like. we usually order this whenever the mood for Thai food strikes us, at the little take-out place round the corner. my usual complaint is the sparsity(sparseness?), scarcity, kakuriputan?, of ingredients. i mean come on! i can understand skimping on shrimp and shellfish but chicken? tasty as it may be, and easy as it is to just call for an order, i thought i’d try and make this at home. anyway a bunch of fresh Thai or holy basil is only about $1.50 a bunch.
and i can drown it in chicken.
strip away the leaves from the stems…the scent is intoxicating.

i didn’t put in a lot of chilies. i chopped up a third of a serrano chili and then the rest i put in a dipping bowl with a squeeze of lemon and fish sauce.
jasmine rice
make sure rice is cold and dry and fluffed, to keep grains separate.

i forgot to take pictures until we had finished dinner–this is the portion we saved for our college boy.
chicken basil fried rice

i used skinless and boneless chicken thighs. (or use sliced lean pork or beef if you like).
this recipe was the guide, except that i decided to marinate the sliced bite size chicken in light soy, dark soy, fish sauce, and sugar instead of adding them on later.
over medium high heat, in a wok, stir fry 6 finely crushed garlic cloves until golden, then add the chicken. stir fry till the chicken is no longer translucent. add shallots, onions, chilies, green onions.
mix well then add the rice. season to taste then add the basil leaves and toss it about for a bit until the leaves are wilted.
your kitchen should be very fragrant at this point.

3 thoughts on “chicken and basil fried rice

  1. Midge

    I’ve never really been a fan of plain garlic fried rice, but fried rice with everything except the kitchen sink! :yes: Oh, that’s utterly yummy.

    Speaking of which, Stel, I just had the most amazing bowl of nasi goreng (Malaysian fried rice) recently. Ahh, spice and goodies! :kitty:

    Midge’s last blog post..FYI: For Your Indulgence

  2. stel Post author

    i’ll take them all Midge especially salted fish and chicken fried rice. YUMMM! makes you want to eat white rice on the side though 😆

    hi there m2scq, you’re right it’s perfect for busy busy days :stirthepot

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