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tom yum goong, shrimp in sour broth

through some strange, twisted logic, we crave hot, hot-as-in-super spicy, and hot-as-in-boiling -just-out-of-the-pot-hot, soup.

Thai-style shrimp in sour broth (tom yum goong, or as husband says it, “yum tom”).
start out with an excellent chicken broth base and layer on the ingredients that make this dish sing:
galanga root, lemon grass, wild lime leaves, bird chilies; and then adding the fish sauce, lime juice, shrimp, straw mushrooms, and cilantro leaves, just before serving.
makes you sweat, promise. (oh, and we made sure the kids had an alternative dish, that night!)
(from “Authentic Recipes from Thailand,” Periplus Publishing, 2004.)
:drive: off for some R&R in a “foreign land” :wave:

green tea noodles

file this under exciting food finds: green tea noodles, “chasoba” which i pounced on when i saw on the shelf at Ebisuya Market, Medford, MA.

i thought we would use it for our favorite family dinner lately, hot pot.
hot pot fixings, plus chasoba
prepare it like angel hair pasta, making sure it doesn’t overcook (3-4 minutes). this packet is made with buckwheat flour, green tea and fragrant gardenia and saffron.
i bet it would go really well with miso soup too.

hot pot, at home!

hehe, very predictable yeah?
hot pot at home fixings
hot pot at home
a light and flavorful broth, and any or all fixings you could possibly think of: fish cake, crab legs, thinly sliced meats (beef, lamb, chicken) and fresh vegetables.

it was so much fun, there was only one hitch: we ran out of table space. there was also necessary vigilance, for the large fondue pot had an electric cord which thankfully had a safety feature of being magnetically attached to the electric probes (?) so the danger of accidentally tripping on it would not cause the pot to up-end… also became a bit of a problem when it easily got nudged out of position. no worries, we had a great meal.

cook’s notes: serve with bowls of short-grain (Tamaki Gold) rice; thick udon noodles; sa cha and XO sauces, alongside finely minced garlic, chilis, and scallions. ooh i’m making myself hungry… :melodramatic: