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the (pedi)cab ride of a lifetime

this is just one of the best moments of my unexpected trip to Manila, one i will always relish fondly, because, although it took place on one of the hottest days ever, around 98F, my adventure to Manila Chinatown with my good friend Boots diverted the mournful thoughts for a good few hours….
pedi cab ride of a lifetime
our “charioteer” was this very slim but powerful young lad with a homemade motorized pedicab–you know, the kind of motor with a pull-out string used for out-rigger boats and bangka?…and boy did he give us the ride of a lifetime.

he zoomed in–he zoomed out–he dove into traffic head-on…
Manila Chinatown
it surely made our appetite sharp! and we were so relieved to make it to our destination:
Sincerity Restaurant,
fried chicken, Sincerity
for their very famous fried chicken–so crispy and light. although it is breaded and deep-fried there is not a trace of greasiness.
oyster omelette, Sincerity
i am still dreaming of their oyster omelette…aaah! if only i can recreate this at home, someone please point me in the right direction for a recipe?
chop suey, sincerity
this one i might be able to make–chop suey which we ordered to balance out the deep-fried-goodness/badness of our meal. :fryingpan

they’re also famous for their pata tim (comes with steamed buns), which i ordered to take home to my brothers and ma.
go go go!

Sincerity Restaurant
497 Nueva St., Binondo
Manila, Metro Manila
(02) 241-9990