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“99”, and the things i did this past summer vacation…

[this was meant for’s just too ironic that the day that i finally decide to blog again, the website suddenly went kaput. ay buhay. c’est la vie. such is life.]

HELLLOOOO? anybody home?

well i’m here, and i want to wish me myself and you a happy 9-9-09 day, and to reveal that my favorite number is 99, and the only explanation i can think of is Agent 99 of GetSmart, one of my favorite spies on television as a kid growing up. (Barbara Feldon, to Don Adams’ Maxwell Smart.) (i also adored Toto, the group, the dog, etc.)

barang i promise to post the links up to the hazelnut pavlova ASAP!

i was having too much fun this summer vacation, which seems a lot longer than our previous ones, no doubt due to the lucky placement of labor day on the calendar this year.
sadly, we only had a total of–what? three “heatwave” days? of 90 degree Fahrenheit weather? (which we never ever complained about!)–to sudden bone chilling 60 degrees these very early school day mornings.

more to come in the days ahead…i’ve successfully relaunched my kids to their back-to-school routines, with nary a scratch or a bruise on myself or them. *heehee that’s a JOKE* :drunk:

back to school cookies! (oatmeal chocolate chip, from Cook’s Illustrated.)

the NUMB3Rs

what’s on my mind? the NUMB3RS are on my mind.
my mommy will be 77 and my daddy, 74 this year.
my lola would have been 107, and my lolo 112.
my kuya (older bro), 53, ate (big sis)51, baby bro 45.
my husband, 49. almost 50.
my best friend of all time would have been 48. instead she is forever 29.
my kids 20, 15, 10.
married 21 years.
the NUMB3RS are just that. NUMB3Rs. they say nothing and yet they say everything about this life.

my lullabye, according to the people who took care of me when i was a baby