almond ring coffee cake

Danish almond braid, blizzard braid
this is the best sweet dough i’ve ever made, up to now! it is tender to the bite but easy to mix and its filling of almond paste, cream cheese and confectioners’ sugar has just the right consistency and sweetness.
i started the dough on the night of the Super Blizzard “Nemo” before our power went kaput.
i thought that since it was freezing cold anyway it wouldn’t hurt to just let it rise, thinking that the blackout can’t last THAT long. well it did last 23 hours, but the mixing and the kneading of the dough really helped ease the stress of sitting out the storm. the result is this, and it’s a keeper. i just need to cut the dough deeper before twisting–i think that would make a huge difference in keeping the filling in instead of seeping out. i think i’ll also chill the formed dough in the refrigerator next time, instead of just out in the cold kitchen.
(recipe from Cook’s Country “Blue Ribbon Desserts”) or try sweet bread with with orange cream or honey-nut filling, or a fancy strawberry braid.