about baby rambutan

spiky bright red Malayan fruit, with soft, sweet and juicy flesh, and a stone pit.

Filipino in Boston, lizard in the snow: notorious nosher, quack psychologist, losyang, diabetic-in-denial, swimmer.
they gave the spiky haired baby the nickname…

i like to eat, so i learned how to cook.

14 thoughts on “about baby rambutan

  1. Pinky

    So love your site! :thumbsup: Hope you don’t mind that I added you to my blogroll…

    More interesting and mouth-watering posts to come :cheerful:

  2. stel Post author

    gusto ko lagi ka nang tatambay dito ha kuwentuhan mo naman ako ng buhay diyan sa ilalim sa baba (Down Under di vi?)
    kelan ka balik sa NJ para guluhin natin si tita Queroline????

  3. stel Post author

    hi, i’ve only seen the fresh fruit here in my area ONCE a couple of years ago. there are plenty of canned rambutan at the Asian groceries.
    best bet would probably be Manhattan Chinatown. GOOD LUCK! :drive:

  4. braletch


    Hey, salamat sa care package! you dont need to encourage her… :) :wave: :melodramatic:
    But thankx,it was very thoughtful of you…

  5. karen

    I bought a jar of “baby coconuts” from a mexican market and we cannot figure out how to eat them!? Can anyone help?

  6. stel Post author

    hi Karen, can you tell me more about the jar and what the labels say? that would be quite helpful. “baby coconuts” might mean young coconut “buko” in Tagalog,which would be a grated silky soft version, probably sweetened. it is usually added to salads and sweet rice treats.

  7. chitohito

    rambutan that exotic fruit…..bought some at montreal chinatown! the cheapest way to feel youre in paris. with the euro dollar now, i just take the train up north from new york city. it’s the only chinatown where you can find exotic fruits from dragon eyes to lychees and longans. the new place i’m working now :melodramatic: 10 blocks to the buddhist temple is aligned by chinese restaurants, bakeries, fruit and vegetables stall all over…..but havent sen rambutans. perhaps its not in season. there is only one country i know where fruits are always in season…from lanzones to atis…thats thailand! :kitty: happy birthday to dash…the ginger bread kid on the block.

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