Monthly Archives: March 2014

layer up, it’s cold! or, the coffee jelly.

i made this chilled dessert a couple of weeks ago on a warm weekend. well, it was relatively warm at 50°F, and it was just so wonderful, i vowed to make it again so our daughter could have it when she came home for her spring break vacation. and guess what! it’s a 50°F day again. :)
we rarely see her; with all her school work and busy social calendar, one would think she studies at a university across the continent (she’s only 6 miles away 😛 ).

layers of espresso panna cotta and vanilla panna cotta, with a coffee gelatin in between and as a garnish, i can’t get enough of it! but i do put it away after a couple of bites. really. it was a lot of fun collecting the wine goblets from the charity shop nearby–footed goblets make this dessert really elegant and fancy enough for a special-occasion dinner party.

i’ve made something similar before, something nostalgic, in an improvised version. this is from “Desserts,” by Martha Stewart.