Monthly Archives: February 2014

cheers! happy New Year!

we’re still here. this is BaoBao checking in for my human mama. she let 2013 slip by and 2014 splash down, with nary a peep.
grrrowl. i just want to report, she seems ok, though she leaves me at home a lot more. grrrrowl some more. she still makes a big mess in the kitchen, which i hate because the clattering pots and pans make a sound that really makes me run and hide.
when she comes home she smells like chlorine, or she smells like little kids spilled chocolate milk on her sleeves. it must be something to do with her new job.
at least when she plops down on the sofa i get a chance to sit on her lap and stare at her until she gives me my Greenies. droool.

she munches a lot on these maple cinnamon walnuts, i think she thinks they’re healthy. sshhh, i like their scent better than those garlicky peanuts she used to crunch.