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orange and almond tart

suddenly it’s summer!
from really cool, no, make that cold days and nights, in May–after we had turned off the furnace and made do with curling up under the thick duvets and flannel sheets–we are now on day 2 of a sizzling sweltering heatwave. i had to change all the bedsheets to cool cottons. and drag down the fans from the attic. i think i must have lost gallons of water, too bad it wasn’t pounds of weight though :) ! anyway i hied off to the pool for my “therapy session” and just to shame myself into not skipping, i am hereby announcing, i did my sixty 25-yard laps in 45 minutes. three times a week–this is the limit, i don’t see myself doing any more than sixty, i am getting old! this time it was complicated by having to share with two other people in a lane, meaning that we had to do the counterclockwise circle regardless of swimming ability or speed…that means constantly looking ahead to see if you’ll crash or drown. it calmed down after a while, i guess other swimmers just had the same idea of cooling off on this sizzling Saturday.
a boiled orange(!) + ground almonds

this tart was something i made when it was still cold, and turning on the oven was a great idea. this is one of the best tarts i ever made. promise! i was very doubtful about it, because it called for boiling an orange for almost an hour, skin and all. i’ve seen a buxom British celebrity chef do a cake with a boiled clementine and chocolate, but i was quite skeptical still.
i mean, why on earth would you want to boil a fruit so luscious and zesty as an orange? i’m so glad i took a gamble because it is just so delicious. my kids really loved it and made me swear to make it often.

orange and almond tart
recipe from “The Organic Seasonal Cookbook,”