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zucchini pancakes

you have a bounty of green Italian squash, or zucchini? i envy you! :fryingpan
grated zucchini
i’ve tried growing them but had not much success…the blossoms all fell away from the vine before any harvest. (not good enough to make into stuffed zucchini blossoms even!)
no worries, since they are plentiful at the supermarket, but if you have the wicked awesome good luck of having zucchini in your garden or your friendly neighbors (neither of which we have *sniff*sniff*)…i recommend these zucchini pancakes from the late great (and lamented) Gourmet magazine, August 2002.
take a look at the ingredients list. i mean, i felt healthy just reading that!
zucchini fritters
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the Ski Queen gjetost cheese

i vaguely remember having gjetost, this most unusual cheese. it must have been sometime in college, and i didn’t enjoy it at the time. if i remember right it was tough and dry. :faint:
i’ve been stumbling into vivid and tempting descriptions of it in the course of bloghopping through the years, and decided to give it another chance. a trip to the Big Fancy Organic expensive Food Store yielded double Devon cream, smoked salmon and the cute little red cube from Norway…and one bite of a little curl of gjetost, and my first thought was wow, it’s a cheese! because the soft caramel notes were so pronounced.
on the wrapper, it says it’s made of mostly whey, goat milk and cream, and to serve it with slices of fruit.
this time i had it with fresh figs and almonds all together in a mouthful and it made my tastebuds stand up and cheer.
so all those years ago it must been a past-due-date sample.
tomorrow i think i’ll get some Golden Delicious apples and walnuts.

berry berry fruit tart

berry berry fruit tart
we had our daughter’s-going-away-to-college cookout which coincided with an in-law’s birthday…i decided to make something summery for dessert. the strawberries and blackberries are so sweet and juicy–on top of a light creamy custard and buttery crust, the tart was memorable, and gone in a flash. (any combination of fruits would work in this dessert, with only one caveat: dry whatever fruits you use before crowning the top.)

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Niçoise salad: for the 100th birthday of Julia Child

we must always commemorate HER, for opening up and introducing the new and third culinary worlds to adventurous and curious palates. i always enjoyed watching her shows and i do sorely miss her style, her panache, her lovely lilting voice. no one else compares.
i am proud to say that i’ve indoctrinated taught my children well in their appreciation of new food. at the price of having to play such a boring nag, at every mealtime when there was something unfamiliar at the table i never let them say no without trying first. and when it came to vegetables…let me boast, and please indulge me in my swagger, for i have successfully brainwashed them into thinking that a meal is incomplete without the dear old vegetables.
so here is another Niçoise salad in loving memory of Julia Child, to remember her birthday and this long sizzling summer when salads are truly just the most enticing thing. the dressing recipe follows with a sneaky secret ingredient.
de rigueur ingredients would be the boiled red potatoes, French green beans (haricots verts), butter or Boston lettuce, cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, Niçoise olives, and canned white tuna in olive oil. de rigueur? non non Maman! not in the spirit of Julia, who would have understood and probably enjoyed the substitution of grilled fish, as long as it tasted right. :glasses-slip:

Niçoise salad dressing:

1 tbsp. white wine vinegar
1 tbsp. fresh lemon juice
1 tbsp. minced shallot
1 tsp. Dijon mustard
1 tsp. anchovy paste
1/4 tsp. sugar
1/4 tsp. coarsely ground black pepper
3 tbsps. extra virgin olive oil

in small bowl, with wire whisk, mix vinegar, lemon juice, shallot, mustard, anchovy paste, sugar and pepper until blended. in thin steady stream, whisk in oil until blended.

raspberry almond clafoutis

i’m relishing raspberries…i can’t resist. whenever i pass by a tray or basket i am just compelled to grab one.
i belong to the Odense recipe club and one of the emails featured an apple-cranberry clafouti. it didn’t take too much imagining to dream up a raspberry confection.
clafouti with raspberry and almond paste
raspberry clafoutis
it is so easy to make, and the surprise chewy-rich almond paste in the batter makes it hard to have just one slice.

have you had your summer share of berries yet? recipe follows, from Odense. (or you could try a little sweet something with peaches or strawberries or all them berries?
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