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creme brulee and crema catalana

creme brulee
cracking the caramel crust, oooh.
dear husband gave me a mini blowtorch many many Christmases ago…the box got shelved under the “pending” file, and got buried by life’s busy schedules…and he didn’t get pestered enough to fill up the butane gas chamber until this past month.

the motivation? #1son’s 23rd birthday celebration at a Brazilian rodizio (barbecued all-you-can-eat meat, delivered to your table in impressive sword-skewers). for dessert we all shared a good portion of their leche flan which was billed as pudim de leite. i didn’t like that they spritzed it with a random blob of canned whipped cream but the flan itself was creamy and not too sweet and enticed us all–despite our overfull stomachs!
i didn’t feel like making caramel. it’s just that watching out for that exact perfect moment, and then crossing the line and going over the edge, you find it’s burnt? frustrating!

therefore! we’ve been blowtorch-zapping every flan in sight :drunk:
creme brulee, in shallow little ramekins.

i really loved how it is not too sweet but the thin layer of crackly blow-torched brown sugar accentuated and perfectly complemented the “creme”/flan part. my diabetic heart was so happy (ahem… i did not eat too much and i made sure i tested before i had a bite! i just hope the glucose police aren’t patrolling! :fryingpan )
crema catalana
crema catalana, before zapping.
the miniature blowtorch is such a fun little toy that i decided to try another flavor, this time from a Spanish cookbook, “crema catalana”, same principle but with lemon and cinnamon and nutmeg to spice it up some. it is great, if you like cinnamon, which i normally don’t. since the recipe called for a half cinnamon stick steeped in the milk mixture it turned out only mildly spiced, so instead of being in-your-face, it was more like a haunting, mere hint of spice…toned down by the unexpected pairing with lemon.

i can’t believe i’ve let almost two months go by without a post! the well has not gone dry, it’s just that if life were an in box, then mine is overflowing. :melodramatic: so it is profoundly ironic that on the very day i decided to resuscitate and revive my baby rambutan…my camera died. it’s off now to the service center, and i’m so disappointed since Canon is highly regarded and recommended and i was very happy with it.
if you have a good camera (mostly point and shoot) that you’ve been happy with, kindly leave a comment and tell me about it.
maraming salamat!