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spinach and artichoke lasagna

“A world without lasagna is a world without love.”–anonymous (but i suspect Garfield)
from “For the love of Lasagna,”
i’ve been going to the charity shop QUITE often, lately. i got so many books, 😆 :goodvibes :yes: :drunk: :bouncy :cheerful: oh yeah i go there for the books. :fryingpan and i picked up a little pamphlet of lasagna recipes.
my kids and i love lasagna but i wanted a change from the usual meat and cheese, or the vegetable and tomato sauce types, that i pounced on the first recipe that made me go hmmmm: spinach and artichoke lasagna made with no-boil dried pasta, and a really lovely ricotta cheese layer. it is served in a little puddle of marinara sauce (it’s okay to use bottled sauce, but homemade would be even more sumptuous).
it truly is the ultimate comfort food–especially for the chilly days being served up to us right now–and maybe eight, no, maybe nine! months more. :faint:

spinach & artichoke lasagna pan
sorry for the photo! it was sliced while still quite hot.
spinach & artichoke lasagna on marinara
here’s the recipe.