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cornbread, sweet, Southern-style

it seems like food trucks are the latest trend nowadays, and we sure did get intrigued enough to look for a whole parking-lot’s-worth of them at the SOWA Sundays food fest this past weekend.
big Moe's food truck
when we got there the only truck that whet our appetite was the M&M food truck–it’s our fault, we were there kind of later than we intended–but we were primed to try out M&M’s from word-of-mouth and publicity and hype and hoopla. it’s a veritable institution hereabouts!
M&M spareribs
M&M’s had bbq pork ribs that we had heard about, and stewed collard greens, and cornbread. they serve food hot off the grill/smoker.
aah, but that cornbread! we just had one tiny little tidbit of a mini-cupcake serving that everyone shared. while the ribs were marinated and smoked and slow-roasted in the most luscious way, it was the cornbread that left us hankering for more.
this one’s moist, and rich, yet has a delicate crumb that’s just so suited to a roast beast, be it fowl or mammal. i made a simple chicken gravy to dip with this mellow corn bread–made with roast chicken drippings, broth, and flour for thickening.
roast chicken plate
i thought that i had my favorite recipe already committed to memory/featured in this little scrapbook/blog–i’ve talked about it in a thanksgiving post years ago– but then i found it wasn’t!!! i hadn’t even provided a link properly!
EGAD! sacre bleu! hell’s bells!
so here it is now in all its moist. corny. yellow. bready. glory.
southern style sweet cornbread

sweet cornbread (recipe from Continue reading

after first-day-of-school snack treats: marshmallow clouds

something chocolate, i thought, to soothe my 6th grader’s ambivalent feelings about the first day of school. he’s been requesting these, for the longest time, and it was really weighing on my mind.
Mrs. Fields' marshmallow clouds
i never want to recycle old posts! i swear.
my baby rambutan has been on this blogworld for 7 years now, and i am really quite determined to keep her going for as long as i’m able. i am also keen on keeping things fresh and new for myself, and for all of my readers, loyal and faithful, and largely silent, but i do know you’re out there, i love you! :wave: :stirthepot :kitty:
so i meant to just put up a link to this really delicious marshmallow clouds when, to my absolute surprise (horror! disdain! shame!) i discovered i had not even put up a title, way back when? February 14, 2005. it is a great disservice to this recipe–just you remember, my kids always request for me to make this, and if you make them, you will know why. :highfive: scroll way, way down there, i don’t know how to fix it but it’s down there ↓ from Continue reading

never can say goodbye

no no no no i
never can say goodbye
–ms. gloria gaynor

days are getting shorter, mornings are getting colder. i haven’t used my electric fan at all this week. how come i can’t have my long hot summer anymore?
beef satay sticks
beef satay sticks for the last cookout before school starts.

yessirree these sticks have only this one photo to speak for them–they disappeared right off the grill, and my boys made me promise to make more (in a bigger batch, enough to satisfy their man-appetites daw!) i’m just hoping that next hurricane holds off and doesn’t make landfall before my cookout this Labor Day.
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