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i’ve been eating them straight out of the box, washed of course, but i think they’d be just wonderful with cakes and whipped cream…not that i have the go-ahead from the doctors or nurses or nutritionists but i would really really gobble them up like that. amen.
and here’s the current earbug to go with it!

food find: buko pandan ice cream

we have really very few heat wave days in Boston.
the only thing to do is to have fun while keeping cool–i get really sentimental about how i am reminded of childhood, in the Philippines, hot summer days at my grandparents’ home in Kamuning, eating cold frozen treats.
my lola loved ice cream and she always bought us barquillos to eat with the ice cream: you stick it in, then you scoop them up like so.
like ice cream with barquillos antennae. (in this case, Royal Moments wafer rolls (roule d’or) from Delacre, a French brand of light and airy cookies.)

did you ever watch “My Favorite Martian”? Uncle Martin?
if you’re ever lucky enough to encounter this, scoop it up, like so…

cooling off, cooling down

ah, summer. i do love you.
i make it a point to not ever, ever complain when i am sweating it out, or baking in the hot sun, and anyone who’s been in New England, January or February thereabouts, will understand.
with three kids you’ll also understand why during the hot summer months we spend a lot of time thinking about, and trolling the supermarket aisles, for frozen treats.

Magnum ice cream bars, with real Belgian chocolate…you’ve seen the fancy TV ads? with Rachel Bilson hopping on tops of cars to get to the ice cream truck stuck in traffic?

this is a new addition to our favorites list, right up there with dripping fruit bars and fancy mixed flavors and plain old chocolate or vanilla or pistachio or cookie dough.

as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I received a coupon for Magnum ice cream bars.

patriotic berry cake

we made our own “fire”-works at home.
my grill chef is very serious about his craft.

burgers, ‘dogs, bacon-wrapped scallops, chicken yakitori, grilled whole tilapia, pork bellies, eggplants, boiled corn, were on the menu.
we had to burn some fallen branches and twigs we’ve been collecting the past year from the winter storms and autumn winds.

and then we had berry cake with streusel topping.

recipe follows; it is from a blueberry cake, from the Boston Globe Food section, 29 June 2011.
to be honest, i am not a fan of blueberries (yeah yeah i know it’s very good for me, but still…) i do love raspberries, and blackberries? i thought i’d throw them in for a color punch.—–> Continue reading