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the soft shell girls are back!

soft shell crabs are here!
soft shell crabs, that luscious delicacy, that pricey rare summer find…they’re back! and i wanted to have my mom sample their sweet and delicate flavor while she’s here visiting. did i say pricey? my mom got the goose bumps when i told her they were $3 a piece, but when i further explained that at a restaurant they’d be four or even 5 times more, and after she’d tasted them deep fried with panko bread crumbs…she finally concurred that they were worth buying.

first off you have to find some. i get mine from a grocery nearby, and the fishmonger usually offers to clean them for me but i demur and do it myself. it’s just a matter of cutting off the the triangular piece of the underbelly, and the rubbery pieces underneath. give them a good rinse then pat dry with paper towels, then dip them in salt-&-pepper seasoned all purpose flour, then straight into a bowl of beaten eggs, then into a shallow bowl of panko bread crumbs.
for this version i then put the breaded crabs in to a rack set over a plate and into the refrigerator to set and get cold, for about 3 hours.
then into a preheated deep fryer they went for a quick dip in very hot oil.
they turned out really scrumptious, crunchy and really fun to eat. we didn’t need any dipping sauce, just a squeeze of lemon, but if you insist you could serve them with a garlic aioli type of sauce.

dear readers, if you have an alternative way of cooking and eating soft shell crabs, i’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a soft shell crab today…..(hehehe just quoting Wimpy from Popeye)

Boston Cream Pie, and another relaunch

Boston Cream pie, wicked
it has been one celebration after another, quite happily so, in stark contrast to same time, last year.
we’ve had birthdays, a graduation (cum laude! 😆 ), concerts, and Mother’s and Father’s Days and to top it off–just like that chocolate glaze up there…my mom’s here with us.
the city of Boston too has something really big to celebrate, so big that there has been nothing else on the local news, seemingly.
while i’m not much of a sports spectator nor fan, my husband is a diehard loyal Boston sports fanatic: Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots,Bruins… he’s always there for them, win or lose. so for him, for Father’s Day, for the Stanley Cup that the Boston Bruins brought home from the enemy ice rink…and for the relaunch of the sad, abandoned and neglected baby rambutan, i decided to make the “wicked awesome Boston Cream Pie” that’s the trademark dessert Boston is known for, that’s not even a pie.
it’s a golden layer cake with cream filling and a chocolate top. go figure! :kitty:

Boston cream pie step 1
step 2
step 3
(recipe from Cook’s, March & April 2011).