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a dumpling welcome for 2011

there’s been a lot of buzz about this restaurant, located in the former “underbelly” of Boston’s Washington Street, right next door to one of our favorites, Penang.

i wish i could go have lunch right now, today, at Dumpling Cafe, where we ate right after welcoming in the New Year. today it’s snowy outside…deepening and deepening: underneath the freshly fallen snow though is ice ice, baby. i don’t know which one to pick, as more bearable: below 0°F, or 5-9 inches of snow (expected snowfall by midnight tonight)? either way, just the kind of weather where the craving for hot slurpy soups and hearty spicy stews and steamed dumplings becomes constant and borders on the obsessive.

this is daytime, really!

for the first visit we decided on a few starters.
they passed my test for the oyster omelette (scrumptiously fresh, with the chewy rice flour consistency mixed in with the egg; my only quibble is can they please add a handful more oysters pretty please?).

the soup buns? were just adequate, they seemed not thermometer-hot enough and lacking in the squirty soup.

pork intestines stuffed with green chilies–although i’m happy they have it whereas Penang next door scrapped it from their menu–i expected crispy, but was sorely disappointed; tasty though.
(this is my tedious-but-delicious crispy rendition.)

gigantic noodle soup bowls satisfied the Noodle Guys, .

mango chicken was my daughter’s choice; it was too sweet for me, but she enjoyed it very much.

steamed fish jaws–i think carp has too much tinik (fish bones) even for the pussycat in me…

all in all we thought Dumpling Cafe a very welcome addition to the dumpling landscape of Boston, and deserves many return visits to further test their offerings. :thumbsup: :yes: :bouncy
Dumpling Cafe
695 Washington St
at Kneeland St
(617) 338-8858