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easy apple tarte tatin

eeek, we’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. :fryingpan
i haven’t started scribbling down my shopping list yet, but it’s in my brain now, all mapped out.

near the end of the previous family party, i saw how crestfallen the kids were when their auntie announced that we should all just have our own Thanksgiving dinners, instead of getting together for one big one.

i could almost hear a pin drop. kids’ jaws dropped, i could sense their inner WT#’s!!! [censored]
see, no one wanted to host it, since some members of the family are going to Hong Kong to attend weddings. the diminished size of the family group somehow made the potential hosts/hostesses less keen on hosting.
i pretended not to be listening, as i wasn’t really in the mood to cook the big bird this year.

but the kids’ faces, all disappointed and dazed, convinced us. husband and i had a little talk, and i said, okay let’s do it. with the proviso that i would make just a little bird, and everyone would bring something. (sssh! they don’t like turkey that much, but what’s Thanksgiving, without a turkey??? besides, i love turkey, especially the stuffing inside the turkey…)

so i’ll be requesting appetizers (especially seafood) and vegetable side dishes, chips and dips, sparkling champagne (in my dreams).

if you’ve been asked to bring something, like a fruit dessert?–here’s an extra easy apple tart that will bring oohs and aahs and they’ll all think you labored long for love. good all-butter puff pastry, store-bought, is the secret. (if you’re in the mood to make your own i have an easy homemade recipe here trust me, it’s there, just scroll down, way down below the page…)

white chocolate patty cake for Sweet Sixteen

white chocolate patty cake, with pink-tinted white chocolate ganache frosting
recipe from Marcel Desaulniers, as seen in Baking with Julia.

as her mom i can’t help but wish that she were little again, but there’s no going back: as my husband reminds me all the time we must cherish the metamorphosis, appreciate the journey to get there.
i teased her by making the frosting pretty pink, and she took it all in with great good humor…i tried a new recipe by Marcel Desaulniers, famous for the phrase “Death by Chocolate” (not a bad way to die, right?). i must have done something wrong though, because the patty cake layers slowly sank and deflated (i must not have whipped the eggs enough!). oh well, it was really creamily dreamily delicious anyway. especially with that baby pink frosting.

shriek out if you want the recipe. (just remember to whip them egg whites bad.)