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for all the Santa facilitators

the day after, i feel like i am the ultimate kulelat of the Boston Marathon, all beat up and crawling to the finish line.
and i feel like giving all the Santa “facilitators”,a great big hug! you know who you are! give yourselves a standing ovation, for helping Santa deliver his presents to all the nice kids and/or not too naughty ones.
christmas morning i made buttery scones for breakfast, having stumbled upon a prettily,accessibly priced jar of clotted cream in one of my favorite salvage storeshaunts.
clotted cream dream
buttery scones
then i made this really easy yet delicious apple walnut spice cake–everyone overlooked the patchiness of it especially when i hand-whipped the calvados vanilla cream at the party venue (i didn’t want to make a fuss or noise at the hostess’ kitchen, ssshhh!).
Christmas dessert table
apple walnut spice cake
it diminished in size so quickly, #1son made sure he scored two leftover slices to take home. i’ll make you some more, promise!
as usual, recipe will be posted upon request! please, bug me if i neglect to respond. my life’s like that!

i hope your Christmas was a joyous one.

my wish for you…

a fabulously lavish, superYUMMY Christmas!
yummy butter cookies
there were so many things i wanted to spell out, but for the first batch i settled on “yummy!”, buttery sables with a caramel glaze. just poifect with milky tea i think!
all the way from Deutschland
i waited a long time before i could get this truly special cookie cutter. i’ve had my eye on this ever since i saw them from a food blogger/cookbook author’s website from, where else, Germany.
my new Brigitte cookie cutter

i want to say thank you to you, the loyal visitors to this silly little foodblog. i know i haven’t been posting as much as i did before, and it’s a reflection of how my life is going these days. :grandma:
i can’t bear to neglect baby rambutan though, it is still very dear.

anyway, the other day i heard this song which was a welcome break from all the Christmas carols playing everywhere i go. made me want to put on my boogie shoes.
disco Santa