Monthly Archives: June 2009

missing in action, missing the action

wow, even i am missing “me” on this blog.
i guess i’ve been swamped.
let me give you some sweet reminders that all is well, it’s just been a very busy month.

May and June, funny enough, are our birthdays and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. it’s also the end of school time and we drown in the stuff we need to work out.

Friday afternoon, stepping off the school bus, my #2son requested some M&M cookies from the grocery store for Monday…a not-so-subtle hint for sure, since he knows i deplore store bought cookies. once again, i am so grateful to the foodie community citizens who share their recipes: one click and i found these tasty treats, which my son and i baked, and all eagerly demolished by my son’s classmates celebrating a year-end treat for earning “compliments” from their teachers and peers.
M&M cookies
these are chewy and nutty, and they were finished by pressing reserved M&M’s before baking. i substituted ground toasted almonds for the pecans, just because my kids prefer it.
recipe thankfully found here.